Cakes and Pastries in London

The café is available to hire for parties & special occasions in the evening.

We also host various events using the Pullens Centre just across the yard from the café which can be hired from the Pullens T.R.A

The café is an integral part of the biannual Pullens Yards Open Studios event, where all the workshops in the three Pullens Yards open to the public. This takes place on the first weekend of December & the second weekend of June.

We also take part in the annual Elefest arts festival. Check for details.

We like to get involved with all sorts of local community events & fetes, so if you are putting on this type of event & would like us to have a stall, please get in touch.

We also regularly update the café Facebook group page, which you can also join.

event at coffee shop in London
event held at the cafe